A creditor has frozen your bank account and you have no money

A creditor with a judgment against you can restrain or freeze your bank accounts. If this occurs you will lose the ability to make online payments and use your debit card. If you look at your account while it is restrained, your account statement may show a negative balance. This does not mean that all of your money has been taken. The apparent negative balance occurs because your bank is complying with the law. Everyone can access at least the first $1,950 of the funds in their account. Depending on the source of the deposits some people can access up to $2,660. You should contact your bank and make arrangements to take the money available to you out of the account.

Once you contact your bank, you should call me to find a permanent solution for the problem. Your account can be restrained for up to a year and you will not be able to use your account in a normal manner while it is restrained. I can help you get your account released by either negotiating a resolution with the creditor or filing a bankruptcy to eliminate the debt.

The sooner you contact me, the faster I can help you get access to the money in your account.