You have been served with a lawsuit

If you receive a lawsuit, also called a Summons and Complaint, you should immediately contact me to discuss your options. Your creditors have a lawyer working for them, and it is important that you have your own attorney to advise you of your rights and options.

Ignoring the lawsuit allows the creditor to enter a judgment against you. With a judgment a creditor can garnish your wages, put a hold on your bank account, or put a lien on property that you own. The legal proceedings required to enter a judgment takes time and you have several options for dealing with the lawsuit.

I can file an answer to the lawsuit and force the creditor to prove their case to a Judge. Depending on your circumstances, it might be possible to negotiate a settlement of the debt. In many instances it makes sense to file a bankruptcy, and completely eliminate the debt, or pay it off for a greatly reduced amount.

The sooner you contact me, the faster I can help you figure out the best solution to take care of the lawsuit and give you a fresh financial future.